SCRP Computer Cluster

SCRP is a high-performance computing cluster managed by the Department of Economics of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, designed to serve both research and teaching roles.

To start using the cluster, see Account and Access. To learn more about the cluster’s setup, see About.


  • 2024-01-06 10:45am

    The January 2024 maintenance has been completed, and all services have resumed.

  • 2023-12-04 1:50pm

    After much investigation and testing, we believe we have found a permanent solution to the remote desktop black screen problem. The fix involves disabling display-related power saving features on the remote desktop, and it has been applied to all users just now (Dec 4th 2023 at 1:50pm). You can check whether the new setting has been applied in remote desktop by going to Applications > Settings > Power Manager > Display, and see if the “Blank after” setting has been set to ‘Never’.

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