Summer 2022 maintenace has completed and the cluster is now line. List of changes below.

Software changes

  • MATLAB GUI over browser: If you log in to Jupyter, you will see a new notebook option named MATLAB GUI. This will open MATLAB’s graphical user interface, all in a browser.
  • MATLAB and Stata notebooks: Also in Jupyter, the notebook options Matlab and Stata create notebooks for these languages.
  • Anaconda is no longer the base conda environment. This is due to Anaconda not compatible with new versions of NodeJS, which is needed for the aforementioned new features. Anaconda is installed in a separate kernel named Anaconda.
  • MATLAB, Stata, Python and R packages have all been updated.

Hardware changes

  • A second RTX 3090 node: scrp-node-9 has four RTX 3090 GPU, a 32-core EPYC 7542 CPU and 256GB RAM.
  • More 64-core nodes: scrp-node-[1,2,3,6] all have a 64-core EPYC 7742 CPU.
  • Home directory on flash storage: the home directory has been migrated to flash storage. The backup directory is still on HDD-storage but will be migrated over the next day or so.
  • Faster distributed storage: the distributed storage system behind ~/large-data now has a maximum aggregated throughout of 19.2GB/s and single-node throughout of 6GB/s. This mostly benefits highly parallel code or situations where many people are sharing the same node.

Work to-be-done

  • Large memory node is offline: the large memory node is offline while we benchmark its performance under load. It will come back online at the end of the week.