You can now launch Jupyter—and by extension, the web GUI of MATLAB and R—on a compute node through the browser. This allows the interactive use of GPUs, more CPU cores and more memory on any device.

To access this new JupyterHub (Slurm) interface, simply navigate to one of the following URLs:

Once you log in, you will see a list of predefined options with different resource configurations.

Important: when you have completed your work, please shut down the server by going to [File] > [Hub Control Panel] > [Stop My Server]. Without taking this step, your Jupyter server will keep running and count towards your resource quota.

As this new option is primarily intended for teaching and code testing, we are currently setting a hard-coded limit of three hours per session. You can access the full capability of the cluster through a terminal as before.

A video demo is available here: Generate Stable Diffusion AI Art on SCRP.